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Allabbaik is a charity organization by volunteers. With the idea of for the people by the people, Allabbaik consider each individual as contributor partner to create a resource in the society.vAllabbaik believe that everyone’s participation toward the charity/social work change the society. We provide a platform where everybody get a chance to do some sort of social work through donations, skills or volunteer time. We also offer collaboration of social ventures to carryout the social activities. We partner with other charitable organizations to help achieve the project goals.


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Create opportunity for those who are eager to come forward and help the society. We appreciate your concern and would love to partner in your cause. Let us know how we can help. Every journey begins with the first step. Our mission to scale as international charity organization and support various causes which improve the life on earth make world a better place for generations to come. Our vision is to provide a platform for all who have innovative ideas such as going green etc. etc. to help them pilot and make project off the ground.


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